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A franchisee can open as many offices as they wish. The number of offices is only limited to their desire, managerial and investment abilities.

However, there is one rule: when signing one franchise agreement you can open one office. It means that if you want to open another office you need to sign a separate agreement and pay the franchise fee and the royalty.

The decision on offering the franchise to open the second and other offices is made based on the experience you have had with your first franchise.

Our recommendation is to open neighbouring offices not closer than within 1 200 meters from each other. For sure, if offices are located in the city centre or if there are big transport or architectural limitations, the distance between the offices may be smaller. Such situations need a separate approval, but even in this case the distance between the offices cannot be less than 700 meters in the city centre and not less than 800 metres in residential districts. These limitations allow to develop the territory most effectively as well as to separate clients flows in a way that will exclude unfair competition and any possible territorial arguments.

There is a list of recommendations on office requirements. For cities with a population of up to 300 000 people we advise to open offices with the floor area of 50–80 sq.m; if the city has more than 300 000 people, than there should be an office of 80–120 sq.m. Any deviations from the above norms are to be approved separately.

You can sign an agreement with the already operating legal entity. There is no need to re-register the existing legal entity.

The Alliance does not have own premises, nor rents them for franchise offices, nor offers a list of premises of possible lessors.

Our recommendation for all potential franchisees is to either buy premises or to sign long-term lease agreements (Lease agreements for more than 12 months shall be put into the state registry in the local Department of the Federal Service for State Registration, Cadastral Records and Cartography).

The certificates for extended warranty apply to home appliances, video, audio and photo equipment, computers and mobile phones.

The E&C offers to its members a list of services for selling extended warranty to retail customers. These certificates for extended warranty apply to home appliances, video, audio and photo equipment, computers and mobile phones. The certificates can be bought in retail shops; they look like insurance policies that are offered by insurance companies, members of the E&C Alliance.

You can explain to the customer the possible saving by giving a simple example: the cost of the certificate «extended warranty» is lower than the average cost of goods repair in authorized service centres. It is important to note that by buying the certificate the customer hands all the costs on equipment repair over to the authorized centre of the insurance company. This authorized centre is obliged to do all the required work within defined deadlines.

In case of the event insured against you should contact the insurance company on the call-centre phone number that is given in the certificate. The call-centre operates 24/7.

The training is done individually by phone, Skype or our coach visiting partner’s office. Training schedule is agreed in advance with E&C Company representative.

  • Windows XP, 7
  • Web-camera
  • Internet access
  • Internet Explorer browser

  • Sign an agreement with ООО «Финсервис»
  • Sign an agreement with banks on working through Credit Broker software (if a direct agreement with a bank exists — then renew it)
  • Authorize the staff engaged in bank lending registration (transferring documents for employees in the regional branch, the bank security check, bank code assignment employee training)
  • Forward the list of the authorized staff members to E&C Company for Credit Broker login assignment

When you starting to use Credit broker software logistics does not change. Money for «body» of a loan is transferred to a Trading organization after the original of agreement is delivered to a bank.

The E&C offers to their clients unique conditions that are available only to the members of the Alliance. Each member of the Alliance has the opportunity to manage their goods sales turnover on credit as they can work with several banks that are the E&C’s partners. All the companies that enter the Alliance get access to the actual market information and therefore they are able to react quickly to the changes in the market. Besides, partner companies can participate in cross-marketing campaigns that are arranged together with vendors, banks and insurance companies. After they enter the Alliance, they can use the newest tools for optimization of the process of sales of finance and insurance services.

Each member of the Alliance has direct agreements with partner banks and an agent agreement with the Alliance. This makes the scheme of partnership absolutely safe from the legal perspective.

Partner banks value the partnership with the E&C Alliance a lot. Different types of shops that are partners of the Alliance and their location in different parts of Russia allow partner banks to introduce their new products quickly, to realize new projects, use numerous tools to increase profitability. The main profit lies in the minimization of costs for attracting and servicing one money unit.

The E&C is a service integrator. We realize the most daring projects that are mutually beneficial for both service providers and retail companies. The purpose of any project is to bring additional income to all participants involved.