Credit broker

E&C Company offers a new service — Automated system «Credit Broker» for a loan processing based on a Bellwood Systems company’s platform INSTANTLOAN — for Alliance members working with the classical (POS) crediting. The program allows to optimize the process of loan issuance by filling in a single form and considering it simultaneously in all the banks connected to the program.

Benefits for the members

1 Earning of additional revenue by increasing the approval rate and as a consequence by increasing the credit and retail turnover.
2 Profitability control based on optimal selection of banks and products.
3 Vacant of the store’s lending zone area as a result of substitution of 3-4 banks’ representatives with a single Credit broker one.
4 Reducing the time spent on credit processing, increasing simplicity and usability, due to forwarding each form to several banks at one time.
5 Decrease in the amount of time spent on filling in a form and increase of credit conditions choice with several banks approval.

Partner banks

Alfa-Bank is the biggest private bank in Russia that was founded in 1990. It is a universal bank that does all major types of banking operations that exist on the financial services market including servicing private and corporate clients, bank investment business, trade financing and asset management.

General License of the Central Bank of Russia № 1326 was given on March 5th, 2012.

Home Credit Bank has been operating on the Russian market for 11 years and it takes leading positions among the biggest retail banks of the country. To its clients the bank offers lending products, deposit and operating accounts that have clear service conditions and no hidden charges.

General License of the Central Bank of Russia № 316 was given on March 15th, 2012.

KB «Renaissance Kredit» (ООО) was founded in 2003. It is one of the leading banks in consumer lending sector in Russia. To private clients it offers consumer loans, debit cards, deposits and other services.

License of the Bank of Russia № 3354.

ZАО «Russian Standard Bank» was founded in 1999. It belongs to a group of companies under the brand «Russian Standard». The «Russian Standard» group is the biggest private company in Russia operating on the consumer market that takes leading positions in finance services and on the market of premium goods. In 2000 ZAO «Russian Standard Bank» was the first in Russia to enter the market of consumer lending.

General License of the Central Bank of Russia № 2289 was given on July 19th, 2001, having no expiration date.
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