Insurance products

To the members of the Alliance the E&C offers a list of services on selling additional warranty to retail customers. This additional warranty applies to home appliances, video, audio and photo equipment, computers and mobile phones. The certificates are sold in retail shops and look like insurance policies that are offered by insurance companies, partners of the E&C Alliance.

Benefits for the members

1 Income from sale of additional warranty certificates: up to 45% of the certificate cost.
2 Opportunity to authorize your service centre to repair equipment according to insurance companies’ policies.
3 Opportunity to issue insurance policies through on-line service (web-interface).
4 Opportunity to offer insurance services similar to those that are successfully realized by leaders of electronics and home appliances market.

Partner insurance companies

The insurance company «ISK Evro-Polis» was founded in 1992. It was created as a universal company offering dozens of different insurance programs to its clients.

RINKO is a leader in insurance and protection of electronics and home appliances in Russia.

RINKO offers to its clients and partners innovative insurance products that are developed based on the international experience in insurance.
In negotiation with: RosGosStrakh, VTB Insurance
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