The E&C owns two trademarks: «E&C» and «Access point». By coming together under the brands of the E&C, the members of the Alliance form a chain of electronics and home appliances shops of a federal scale. Each trademark is a separate partnership business model that implies different conditions for entering the Alliance and considerable advantages.
Franchising of the trademark «Access point»
Branding as a member of the alliance
«Access point» trademark was created by the E&C in 2008. The federal retail chain «Access point» is designed for the market of consumer electronics and home appliances and it develops on a franchise basis.

Benefits for the members

1 Automatic entry into the E&C Alliance as a branded member.
2 Complete brand book for the internal and external design of the retail shop.
3 Right to receive templates for product presentation (handouts, leaflets, business cards etc.) for the shop opening ceremony.
4 Right to receive a set of documents that describe all retail technologies (standards for merchandising, procedures for marketing campaigns, quality standards for servicing clients and for management of goods before they are offered to clients, after-sales service).
Join the Alliance

Entering the Alliance as a branded member, a company that is in retail sales of home appliances and electronics receives a number of opportunities to improve their competitiveness and becomes a full member of a large trading group.

Branding allows all members of the Alliance to jointly protect their existing contracts (conditions and services that are already received) and to work on profitability increase. Branding allows to confirm existence of the wide chain of shops that are part of the largest alliance, the E&C. Each supplier of goods and services must understand clearly where and how their goods are offered, therefore branding is an integral part of the Alliance’s daily work.

Benefits for the members

1 Special conditions for the whole portfolio of finance, insurance, purchasing as well as additional consulting and marketing services.
2 A high level of competitiveness on the market of consumer electronics and home appliances that corresponds to the level of a large retail chain.
3 Cooperation with world producers of consumer electronics and home appliances, participation in their marketing programs and promo campaigns that are available for all partners of the E&C Alliance.
4 A choice of quality suppliers of goods and services on the market to form their goods range.
5 Minimum royalty/franchise fee for the right to use own trademarks of the E&C Alliance.
6 Chance of entering a European trading and purchasing business.
7 Opportunity to enter a European trading and purchasing group.
8 Participation in conferences arranged by the E&C Alliance.
Join the Alliance