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Yury Lazin
Yury Lazin
What can you tell us about your partnership with the E&C? What did you expect and what have you achieved together with the E&C? After we joined the Alliance, the quality of servicing the clients in our company has considerably increased. This is noted not only by me, but also by our clients. Every day we get more and more words of gratitude and positive comments about our work.
Besides, the partnership with the E&C gave us an opportunity to widen the range of services we can offer because now we have more types of loans, introduce new insurance services and mutually beneficial marketing campaigns.
On the whole, I can say that when it comes to promotion of brands and improvement of purchasing conditions, the partnership with the E&C has had a positive impact on our company’s growth and efficiency. What would you wish to the E&C? The E&C is developing very quickly. We wish all its employees professional growth and new achievements. Looking forward to new road shows!