Comment from Ultra (a chain of shops)
Nizhny Novgorod

Alexey Lavrov
Alexey Lavrov
Please tell us, how long have you been working with the E&C? It’s difficult to remember it now! I can say for sure that we have been working with the E&C since it was founded. What advantages have you received from joining the Alliance?
No doubt, the advantages of joining the Alliance are obvious. In our segment it is hardly possible for many companies to survive without support that they can get by joining the E&C. During our cooperation we have had a countless number of joint marketing activities that had the most positive impact on the development of our business, which, of cause, gets reflected in our company’s figures.
The continuous partnership with the E&C allows us to be always up to date with the market development, to get beneficial pricing proposals, to be in touch with leading vendors and to develop our business.